how to clean grocery and vegetables

How To Clean Grocery Products And Vegetables In Coronavirus Effect

The coronavirus epidemic has affected the daily lives of billions worldwide. In some situations, from closing schools, offices, and public places, we are stepping up to practice social activities, such as incorporating new habits of ever-washing hands, clean vegetables, clean groceries – we all have changed our routines and how we Let’s do the work.

We, at My bag packers – grofers, have also gone ahead to update many of our processes to ensure that we are doing the right thing to get your essentials safely and mandatorily delivered to your door. Create your Account for Best Online grocery store in India.

In line with WHO recommendations, our processes include offering our warehouse facilities and boxes, regular temperature checks of all our distribution partners, medical support for our partners, and zero-touch delivery service for customers in sealed sterilized bags.

When we take all the necessary actions on our end, we wanted to share with you some steps you can take to fight the battle to complete the loop at your home and prevent further spread of the virus – yourself and your Protecting loved ones.

how to clean grocery and vegetables

How To Clean Grocery Products And Vegetables Here AreĀ  Simple But Effective Tips :

1. Be sure to wash and clean canned of goods and other packaged food before storing them in your home fridge and storage.

clean your groceries
2. Totaly avoid reuse of disposable bags and carry bags in any type of shopping in COVID-19 coronaviruses effects. In the case of cloth bags, you may have in your own home, use them frequently to do the cloth bag the same wash with Dettol liquid, detergent, or soap.

how to clean your groceries bags

3. Make sure that you also conform to clean the surface where the grocery bag or grocery products and vegetables were kept.

how to clean your groceries
4. The moment you are done with these steps, make sure that you wash your hands well, and then proceed with the rest of your days.

how to clean your groceries and wash your hand covid 19


How To Clean Vegetables.

In the Coronavirus situation, we are confused about how to clean vegetables. we are giving some tips for cleaning vegetables.

1. Before washing to vegetables, wash your hands by soap and hand wash cleanly.

2. Rinse your vegetables well in running water for 30 seconds to clean vegetables.

3. Use to clean vegetables a new brush or new sponge if necessary use safely.

4. Certain vegetables and fruits require extra care.

5. To clean vegetables don’t use any type of soap or any detergent. it injurious to health.(IMP)

Making your groceries and vegetables is as important as cleaning your hands and touchable surface. Therefore, when you avoid contact with other people outside your home and buy groceries and essentials products online at My Bag Packers (mybagpacker.com), make sure that you cleaned groceries and essentials products them well subscribe, comment, share this for new blogs. Please #Stay_at_Home to end the coronavirus COVID-19.

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