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A mop or floor mop made and setup by sponge, bundle of yarn or coarse strings, etc., or different absorbent cloth , a bit of material, attached to a bamboostick, pole or stick. it’s wont to absorb liquid, for cleaning floors and different surfaces, to mop up dirt, or for other cleaning purposes.

A moist and dust mop or moist mop is, in expert cleaning to floor, mop are used in the second step of the cleaning of a ground surface in India. The moist mop is cleaning ground to absorb fat and dissolve fat, dried-in liquid and dust. Professional mops are in flat sheet of microfiber material and sheet of this with a ground of looped. Buy online mops, microfiber mop, spin mop, flat mop for cleaning home in India at best price. Save more money online using mybagpackers amazon offers, amazon deals, amazon coupons.


A broom can be a cleaning device that usually consists of rigid
(Often manufactured from materials consisting of plastic, hair, or corn husk), and a cylindrical address, parallel to the brokerage, attached to the type. it’s thus an entire lot of brush with a protracted address.
Types of broom 1) tough broom, 2) tender broom
1) Soft brooms are for sweeping partitions of cobwebs and spiders, sort of a feather duster.
2) Hard brooms are using in texturing moist concrete, concrete flooring, hard surface, even smoothing. The bulk buying of brooms for cleaning flooring of homes and businesses In India


A brush is common cleaning, wire, or other filaments and best household cleaning product In India. It generally includes a cope with or block to which filaments are affixed in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation, wishing on the style the comb is to be gripped within the course of use. the material of every block and bristles or filaments is chosen to resist risks of its intended use, which incorporates corrosive chemicals, warmth, or abrasion. it’s used for cleansing, grooming hair, makeup, painting, floor finishing, and for many other purposes. it’s one in every of the foremost primary and versatile tools in use today, and also the average household may incorporate several dozen varieties.


A floor scrubber could be a floor cleaning device. it’s going to be a straightforward tool that has a ground mop or ground brush or inside the shape of a walk at the rear of or a ride-on system to smooth larger regions by injecting water with cleaning solution, scrubbing, and lifting the residue off the ground. With improvements in robotics, autonomous ground-scrubbing robots are to be had likewise.

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  • Best Flat Dry Floor Mop With Stainless Steel handle In India

    WOTRA Flat Dry Floor Mop with Stainless Steel handle (Washable, reusable, Replaceable)

    Professional Quality: Our floor mop is built to last with durable stainless steel handle, aluminum mop frame, and high grade ABS plastic.
    Adjustable Handle: Included extension piece extends up to 70″ providing long reach for high corners and deep under furniture
    Easy Maneuvering: 360 degree rotating 14.75″ metal mop frame with easy clip design, perfectly sized for both home and office use

  • Best bucket mops in india

    V-MOP Eli Mop Bucket with Rod (Green)

    Mop With Bucket Ideal for Diwali Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Rakhi Gifts, Christmax Gift, Best Gift, Gifts.
    Spinning Mop with Bucket for floor cleaning
    Bucket Mop with 360 Degree Rotating Long Handle

  • Leifheit Outdoor Broom Xtra Clean 40cm with Wooden Handle 140 cm

    Innovative X-bristles for faster, more thorough brushing. 40 cm broom surface
    Bristles made of resistant, waterproof Elaston. Angled threaded handle joint for full-surface sweeping
    Broom head and handle made of 100% wood from well-managed forests

  • Quick Unbox Plastic 5 Slot 6 Hook Wall Mounted Broom Holder Stand Mop Organizer (Grey, 40 x 9 x 6 cm)

    Perfect and cleverly designed Mop holder, specially to accommodate mops, broom and other tools used in kitchen, bathroom or garage. A ‘wall’ organizer designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying thickness.
    Made of high quality plastic material, sturdy and durable. This mop and broom magic organizer’s slots feature spring controlled balls which automatically adjust to the handle’s size.
    The beauty of this mop holder is its design which automatically adjusts to the thickness of the different handles from 0.5 inch to 1¼ inch wide and grip it securely. Can hold weight capacity upto 10 KG. The mop and broom holder organizer is made of tough plastic.

  • Fossilbeater Electric Feather Duster Dust Brush Scroll Vacuum Cleaner Parts Household Cleaning Tools (Standard Size…

    Rotating brush picks up dust in a fraction of the time of ordinary dusting.
    Use the Multi Surface Dusting Spray designed to enhance Go Duster´s performance by grabbing and holding onto dust.
    Made for comfort, Go Dusters handle is ergonomic and balanced to make dusting feel almost effortless.

  • Homepixi Dishwashing Brush with Dishwashing Gel Dispenser, Dishwashing Liquid Dispenser, Kitchen Cleaning Scrubber for…

    PROTECTION TO YOUR HANDS: The dishwashing brush equipped with soap dispenser which protects your hands from touching the detergent directly. Use it every day to clean your utensils- pan, bowl, pot, sink, dish, countertop and other kitchen accessories
    DURABLE & LONG-LASTING SCRUBBER: Sturdy body construction, non-scratch and odourless. The Nylon bristles easily scrub off grease and grime, and they are safe to use on non-stick cookware.
    CONVENIENT TO USE: Turn the upper part anti-clockwise to open the soap dispenser, and inject liquid soap to fill the body and lock it clockwise. Simply push button to release washing-up liquid

  • Mix Cart Spin Duster Motorized dust Wand 360 Degree Rotating Cordless Spin Duster for Home car Electric Cleaning Brush…

    The easy solution to the impossible, back-breaking task of dusting without using a feather duster or dust cleaner
    Unlike a thick microfiber duster, Spin Duster’s super soft bristles conform to any shape furniture and gently spin away dust – use it as your office duster, fan blade cleaner, or shutter duster
    Spin Duster is a washable duster – when you’re finished dusting, rinse the dust head, then allow to air dry

  • Catchin24 W-H Plastic Mop Holder Stand (Multicolor)

    Material: Plastic, Color: Multicolor
    Item Dimension: 440mm x 63mm x 71mm
    Package Contents: 1-Piece Mop Holder Stand

  • INOVERA (LABEL) Wall Mounted Single Mop & Broom Holder with Screw & Adhesive(Set of 2), Green

    Dual-Purpose: You can directly stick mop and broom holder clip to the wall by the 3M self adhesive,also can nailed to the wall by the double screws. Easy to install.
    Various Use: It designed to hold various household objects. This mop broom holder can be used in the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, garage, garden and etc.
    Save Space: Perfect for hanging mop, broom, tools, etc, easy to creat a beautiful living space.